The Xpo Guarantee

On each and every tradeshow shipment we handle, you will receive the Xpo Guarantee. What is the Xpo Guarantee? The Xpo Guarantee is a 3-step process that starts with us and ends with you having a successful show! What that means is that we do all the work, so you don’t have to!

Pre Show Xpo Guarantee

  • Verify Booth Number
  • Give you the most cost-efficient pricing without compromising service
  • Discuss storage options or caravan to other shows
  • Detailed discussion of what you are shipping to determine your freight is in proper shipping condition
  • Packing Tips to save you money
  • Determine if shipping to the advance warehouse or direct to show site is the better option for your specific needs
  • Laying out the very, very last day for pickup to give you the maximum time to arrange your shipment
  • Verify the move-in delivery date and time that the show decorator assigned for your specific booth
  • Verify the move-out date that the show decorator has set forth
  • Pre-Printed BOLs and Shipping Labels
  • Obtaining all contact information for everyone attending the show

In Transit Xpo Guarantee

  • NO Waiting Time Charges at show site
  • Deliver on time, every time
  • Executed delivery on your target date and time set by the show decorator or you will be compensated for those additional fees.
  • Shipment will be tracked from time of pickup to delivery
  • Live tracking available to ensure your shipment is where it should be
  • 24 Hour Customer Service

Post-Show Xpo Guarantee

  • You are NEVER left in the dark at the close of the show
  • Every Return shipment includes an Xpo Shipper’s Checklist going over in detail on what to do when the show is over
  • Your Xpo Coordinator will either call, email your mobile or text you during the close of the show to make sure you have everything in order
  • If there is a paperwork issue trying to pickup your freight you will be notified immediately to get this resolved
  • Once your freight is on board you will be emailed with your estimated delivery date
  • 24 Hour Customer Service and live tracking available
  • Once delivered your Xpo Coordinator will do a quick follow up about your next show

The Xpo Guarantee starts with us and ends with you having a successful show! You’re Xpo Guaranteed!

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