Xpo Shipping Tips

Label Every Piece

Sounds simple, but so important. If you are shipping a crate, be sure to label each side with the correct pickup and delivery info. If you are shipping a pallet, label each piece on the pallet as well as the outside of the skid.

Use Proper Packaging

Using a crate is always the best way to ensure your material will arrive safe and sound. A shrink-wrapped pallet is the next best option. If you just have a few small pieces, a well-insulated pelican case or box with padding will do the trick.

Glass, TV Monitors need extra special care

Anytime you are shipping fragile goods, you will want to take extra precautions. Wrap each piece of glass tightly in bubble wrap. Do not tape excessively as it can lessen the effect of the air bubbles. And make sure there is no wiggle room! Fill in all sides firmly with peanuts. You want a tight, solid package that won’t move when you shake it.

Condense the size of your shipment

Both the weight and size of your goods factor into your pricing on any given shipment, so make sure your material is condensed as best you can. Pretend you’re playing tetris! The denser your pallet or crate is, the less you’re going to pay on your freight bill.

Remove Old Labels

After your material has arrived safely at your show, remove your old labels! There’s no need to keep those on there anymore as that can only create confusion on your return shipment. Always use fresh labels that we’ll provide for you on every shipment.

Provide Contact Cell Numbers

This will help reduce the possibility of your freight being forced at show site. It also allows your carrier to be able to contact you at any time in order to make any necessary changes or authorizations.


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